Creative Spirit Artists

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Creative Spirit Art Centre supports the work of many artists with disabilities. Get to know some of our Member Artists below!

Go further into our archive link to for Creative Spirit artists who worked in our original location on Bathurst Street in Toronto, Canada including Michele Carleton, Kristine Erglis, Zoltan Noeh and Ace Chapman.

For more information about Creative Spirit Art Centre artists and facilities contact us at or call 416.588.8801.


Gabe Anderson Gabe Anderson,             -Gilles Arseneault Gilles Arseneault







Robert J Anderson Robert J. Anderson,           - Joan Lamantia Joan LaMantia







Martin Owen Martin Owen,                 -  Catharine Little Catharine Little








BArry Woo detail Barry Woo                           - Orhan Guven Portrait of Orhan Guven








arc Labonté  Marc Labonté


From the archives:

Michele Carleton

Ace Chapman

Kristine Erglis

Zoltan Noeh