Drop by and say Hello!

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CSAC Studio/Gallery closing Sept. 30th.


Please, drop in this month to sign our guest book, see some of Kristine Erglis' wonderful work - and keep in touch! CSAC will Open House though September to meet friends, artists, volunteers, donors, collectors, and champions of art.


We've stayed open with the help of donated time, talent and financial assistance from friends who believe in advancing the creative power for individuals who cannot advocate for themselves. The studio will continue to host CS events and as well will open for those who need a place to put on a workshop or rehearsal or short term POP UP events. 


Creative Spirit Art Centre is a registered non-profit charity and yes, we still need your help to keep our website up and running but without a source of core funding, we cannot continue to operate the studio and art gallery. Stay in touch with updates regarding our various proposals/opportunities. In the meantime we're sourcing ways of moving forward with grant applications for unique art projects, marketing and outreach for continued success!


Please contact me if you can make use of our space for rentals or introduce us to a patron(s) of the arts who might be interested in becoming part of the evolution of arts and crafts as a potential viable employment venue for people with disabilities. Help us to change the systemic prejudices that prevent people with developmental, physical and intellectual disabilities from being part of the fabric of the Canadian Cultural community.