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The Creative Spirit Art Centre has been providing art education for people with disabilities for over 25 years the gallery/studio no longer hosts events or monthly exhibitions.

We continue to maintain as an educational resource for past exhibitions, conferences,  publications and events. Thank you for your support!

Creative Spirit Art Pins

by Gallery Artists

We discovered some vintage pins made by our Creative Spirit artists back in the day! They're a bit more fragile now, we did have fun making them and even managed to sell a few 25 years ago with Zoltan Noeh having made the musical instruments, Kristine Erglis made the Face and 3 Cats, most of the rest were by either Vio Bade or me. Thought they would be fun to share as an example of what we would do for some colourful entertainment!


Art Pins by studio artists

Mexican Folk Art Collection finds a home!

at the Royal Ontario Museum
August 2019

Creative Spirit has found a permanent home for its Mexican Folk Art Toy Collection! 

Assembled and gifted by artist Hanni Sager, 76 toys are going to their new home at the ROM here in Toronto. With thanks to long time dedicated volunteer Ronnie Burbank
for helping to make this happen!


Mexican Folk Art Collection

CSAC Update

March 2019
Education is an important factor in insuring the progression of creating a better society. 
The legacy of CSAC’s knowledge base is being gifted to various archives for future use by researchers, students and project developers in the field of art and accessibility for people with disabilities.
The City of Toronto Archives has accepted 27 boxes of CSAC documents and ephemera from our activities since 1989. The materials include invitations, publications, documented events, and conference presentations.
We have sent our CSAC collection of letters and post cards from our correspondence with Mendelson Joe, musician, artist, and social activist ; to the University of Toronto media Commons (the repository for M J’s documents). Mendelson Joe has been a long time champion for Creative Spirit Art Centre.
Mendelson Joe  December Ends by Mendelson Joe
I’m still searching for homes for Hanni Sager’s art dolls and the Art Brut and Outsider art created by the artists at CSAC . 
Hopefully all collections can find permanent homes before the end of summer including the donation of Hanni Sager’s Mexican Folk Art Collection which is in negotiations currently. I will post the locations of their new homes here on our website.
March 10, 2019

Fall update

To contact us please leave a message on our facebook page: facebook Creative Spirit is now exclusively a website resource, our previous gallery email address (csac@, is no longer in use. 

We are happy to have placed the The Judy Richardson Collection of Art by Huronia Regional Centre residents with The Archives of Ontario. Below is an example from the collection from one of our past exhibitions in 2013 by former Huronia resident Albert Hall.

Rooster by Albert Hall