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This | Ability - Canadian Art Brut and Outsider Art

This book is dedicated to all the     Short animation of a few pages from the This Ability Book
artists and volunteers, who over
24 years have nurtured
Creative Spirit Art Centre.

Curator: Ellen Anderson

Writers: Mendelson Joe,
Ellen Anderson, Gavin Barrett

Editors: Lesley Kenny, 
Gavin Barrett

Photographer: Richard Picton

Design Agency: Barrett and Welsh

Creative Director: Gavin Barrett 

Art Director/Graphic Designer
/Typographer: Bhupesh Luther

Production Artist: Deb Cochrane

Web Design/Management: Noman Siddiqui

66 colour pages, featuring 20 Creative Spirit artists, plus a series of type and poetry collaborations between Bhupesh Luther & Gavin Barrett can be seen throughout the book, soft cover, 29cm x 23cm.

$20 CDN   (Creative Spirit Art Centre 2016)

Available for sale in the gallery. Please feel free to contact us at 416-588-8801 or to purchase one for your collection.


Screen Test: Artists of Creative Spirit

An Ayako Ellen Anderson Book (2010, Toronto, ON)

Text by Ellen Anderson

Design by Rao, Barrett and Welsh

Art Direction by Bhupesh Luther

36 pages, colour, soft cover no longer available - out of print.


These beautifully designed catalogues are available for sale in the gallery. Please feel free to contact us at 416-588-8801 or to purchase one for your collection.


Creative Spirit Art Centre offers the publications Strong Conviction and The Wondrous Toy Workshop, (details below) please call us at 416.588.8801 on how to order or email:


Strong Conviction

2005, an Ayako Ellen Anderson Book (Toronto, ON)

Poems by Robert Flanagan and Drawings by Robert J. Anderson

36 pages


Soft cover





The Wondrous Toy Workshop:

Hanni’s Inspiring Life and Her Toys that Anyone Can Make

2008, Syren Book Company (Minneapolis, MN)

Text by Nancy Miller, Toy-Making Workshops by Hanni Sager

66 pages


Soft cover