2004 arts festival

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CS Arts Festival featuring photos by Richard Picton

Photos by Richard Picton featuring artists Achilla Orru and Boana Afrique, Frank Hull, The e-Motions, Jane Field and Alan Shain. Scroll down for more photos; click on a photo to start slideshow with larger images.

In 2004, Creative Spirit Art Centre hosted an arts festival celebrating the achievements of individuals with disabilities in the arts. Musicians, dancers and artists were brought together for this event. October 2010 will see another installment of Creative Spirit Arts Festival in Toronto. In addition to music and dance performances this year's festival will include panel discussions, presentations by agencies from across the country working in arts and disability and a curated art exhibition. For more information or to register please contact us at csac@creativespirit.on.ca

2004 Arts Festival

Achilla Oru

Banna Afrique at Creative Spirit 2004

Jane Field

Alan Shain

E Motions

Jane Field

Alan Shain with Ellen Anderson

Frank Hull Performance

Photo by Richard Picton

Alan, Frank, Ellen

Frank Hull

photography by Richard Picton

Art Exhibition