Auction Saturday - Straight From The Heart!

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February 12, 2011

A reminder that it's auction week here at Creative Spirit Art Centre and we welcome you to preview remarkable artworks (and Raptor's tickets!) in our annual fundraiser that will be auctioned with final bidding on Saturday February 12 beginning at 2 pm.

Scroll down to view the slide show of works with participating artists including: Gabe Anderson, Robert J. Anderson, Meiko Ando, Gilles Arseneault, Janet Basmadjian, Carl Beam,  Kristine Erglis, Sorel Ertrog, Fred Franzen, Richard Gorman, Doug Guildford, Andrew Hoag, Cynthia Kemerer, Will Kennedy, Marc Labonte, Joan La Mantia, Jean McEwan, Mendelson Joe, Martin Owen, Alan Parker, J. Redbird, William Ronald, Hanni Sager, Erella Vent,   Roan Walsh, Barry Woo, Vitali Zelinski and Cape Dorset artists Tim Ezekiel, Killipalik Etidloi, Kellipalik Qimirpik, Ottokie Samayualie and Samonie Toonoo among many others.

Preview a number of works included in the exhibition, click to view details.