Gone Postal...

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Through January 2015

We have a wonderful limited edition poster designed by the fine folks at the Barrett Welsh ad agency (right), perfect for framing or as a gift for the holidays featuring images from artists and volunteers who make art here at Creative Spirit and beyond! The works are available in the gallery open Tuesday through Friday.

This exhibition is a tribute to 22 years of post card invitations and mailouts to members, organizations and volunteers.

- A Loonie will buy you a postcard by Mendelson Joe and his caricatures of politicians, or Hanni Sager's multi-media works or from our studio artists, friends and volunteers!

Donations can be made for our invitations from past exhibitions. Kristine Erglis (also featured on the poster), has included a few of her creative envelopes. Below are some examples of original work in our exhibition.

See  you soon!