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Thursday November 19th, 2015

Thursday November 19th, CSAC will be at the Goldfarb Centre for Fine Arts, York University. New Principles of Art Museum Exhibition Design and Installation is a one-day workshop presented by the Ontario Association of Art Galleries in conjunction with the Art Gallery of York University. This workshop focuses on the following pressing questions: Can innovation in exhibition design and installation change how art is experienced and by whom (through new models of accessible design or performative modes of engagement)? What are the potential forces of change that can transform the gallery or museum institution from within?

Creative Spirit Art Centre will have a presentation by Ellen Anderson: Exhibitions including new normal use of electronic applications used on computers and cell phones; new aesthetics of exhibition presentation including considerations and accommodations for visually impaired and blind people; lighting and colour design for controls on art presentation; children; mothers with infants; people with disabilities and elderly populations.

Learn more about this one-day workshop: