Migraine - Exhibition by Natalie Hatherell

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Exhibition:  November 19 to December 21
Reception: Saturday 19 from 1 to 3 p.m.

Natalie Hatherell started her "migraine" project at Creative Spirit Art Centre in 2015. She decided to make drawings of her migraine headaches using coloured pencils on coloured papers. What emerged are images which look like vibrant, electric currents of energy forming mandalas. Natalie started to experience the migraines after a traumatic head injury. She says that the images cause her pain but she discovered that after staring at them as drawings; they do not have the same effect on her. There are some images which she finds soothing.

Migraine drawing with blue squiggly background - looks like the iris of the eye with a squiggly pink centre, yellow, orange, cobalt blue, soft pink, two more rings of orange/red and a green splash around