My Apologies...

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Happy New Year.

I hope you all have had a lovely holiday.

I’m back in the studio/gallery and I am running late as usual because I do the day to day management, as a volunteer. Sorry my timing is terrible this time. The art centre depends on the fabulous volunteers. We are truly exceptional that way but we are often running to deliver our services.

I made a decision to have a retrospective exhibition of my late husband, Robert J. Anderson art work. It’s a little over a year since his death in October 2011. Robert’s relationship with Creative Spirit began in 1992 and ran until 2006.  He designed our stationary and invitations during those years and then from  2007 – 2011  Robert volunteered  as a teacher of ” watercolours”. The money from the art classes and his art sales were always donated to Creative Spirit.

Last year, I spent some time going over 40 years of his works. This exhibition includes his sketchbooks with life drawings and landscapes from his travels. He always wanted his art work to be seen and enjoyed. Please, come to see his artistic devotion to the great Canadian Landscape.

The opening reception is Sat the 12th from 2-4 p.m. and I will be in the art centre on Sat. the 19th from  11: a.m. – 4 p.m.

The art centre is not always open on Saturdays but please let me know if you want to make an appointment.

Ellen Anderson