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Creative Spirit Arts Festival 2011

A big thank you to participants, volunteers, artists and friends at this year's Creative Spirit Festival, exhibition, and conference! It was a big success. Photos: Jai Wax with Creative Spirit Executive Director Ellen Anderson, Ellen and Ronnie Burbank, Brenda Speilmann discusses her Light Writer program at Bloorview Kid's Rehab, Roger Knox with The Craft Studio's Debbie Dew, artists Bunny Brown and Grazia Marigioli, In the cap is artist Gilles Arseneault,  photographer  Robert Picton, Ottawa artist & Propeller Dance Company co- founder Alan Shain. multi- media artist Erella Ganon and Adrianna Limongi who created a tribute ofrenda in memory of Frida Khalo and the Mexican Day Of The Dead Celebration. Below left is University of Toronto's Denise Reid, with her Creative Spirit study findings, artist Catharine Little and Mark and Gilles during a Q & A session.