Thank you Nora!!

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Congratulations to Nora Webb on her appointment to a staff position at the Musagetes Foundation and thank you, for your professional contribution to the art centre. Nora leaves the position of Managing Director of Creative Spirit Art Centre on Jan. 29th 2011.  Her kind and gentle spirit will be missed by staff and members.

We welcome Roger Knox as the Interim Managing Director for February and March 2011. Roger brings with him years of experience in the realm of art and disabilities. We look forward to his contribution as Interim Managing Director.The role of Managing Director is made possible by a two year project grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation. The project ends March 31, 2011.

Creative Spirit Art Centre, is grateful for the Ontario Trillium grant, which gives us the opportunity to enlarge, engage and create structures to help deliver the scope of our services to artists and organizations dealing with issues of universal access to the arts.

Ellen Anderson

Executive Director