Toys, Dolls and Imagination

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Will Kennnedy, Ambidextrous SnakeSaturday, November 3rd, Reception: 2-4 p.m.

The Day of the Dead celebration will mark the beginning of the November exhibition of Hanni Sager’s Mexican Folk Toy Collection and her art dolls:“The Running Chick, Egos, Souls, and Businessman Going to Heaven” and Tsira Kalandadze’s , “Once Upon A Time” fibre art of images of life from the past, in Tbilisi, Georgia; and Will Kennedy’s whimsical art objects: Angel pins, Bird House, and Ambidextrous Snake, and more. Toys spark the imagination for children and grown-ups.

Also until November 13th:
View the Day of the Dead Altar, built by the friends and artists of Creative Spirit. Dedicated to Frieda Kahlo and Creative Spirit artists: Michele Carlton, Barry Woo, Peter Smith, Robert J. Anderson.

UN Day for Persons with Disabilities

Saturday, December 1st
Reception and holiday celebration: 2-4 p.m.

(Note: The Centre will be closed for holidays
from December 22 – January 7.)