Update on the Creative Spirit Art Centre

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January 2017

Dear Visitor, 

A few years ago, Creative Spirit Art Centre moved into a new studio and gallery space at 999 Dovercourt Road.

Starting in January 2017 we once again prepare to move into a new space. 

But this time, we will be moving out of our physical space, and metamorphosing entirely into an online organization. 

We will spend 2017 evolving into an online information resource housed on our website. The site will also host a blog on art and disabilities, featuring a new posts every month and art by Hanni Sager, Meiko Ando, Gabe Anderson and Mendelson Joe as well as photographs from our archives. 

We plan to supplement our online presence with two annual pop-up exhibitions and we will add workshops and lectures by request.

Postings on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will continue to champion our artists and their work, and to promote a deeper, richer understanding of Canadian Art Brut and Outsider Art. 

Even though we have a team of deeply dedicated, professional volunteers, we deeply regret that Creative Spirit Art Centre cannot continue as a public art gallery and studio space after December 31, 2017. The Centre simply cannot run without money. 

Unless we are rescued by either government agencies, a foundation or generous philanthropists, we have no option but to pursue this restructuring. If you think we can save the gallery and studio, please do contact us - we are nothing if not hopeful. 

CSAC has had 24 wonderful years of art exhibitions, auctions, conferences and festivals featuring a creative community which integrates artists living with long term disabilities into the mainstream arts world. We have learned a lot in our 24 years and we want to continue to share our knowledge. We will remain a charity and any donations will be used to continue our services through our website and social media.

On behalf of all the artists, volunteers, members, patrons, board of directors, I thank you for your support through all the years. 

Ellen Anderson
Creative Spirit Art Centre