Marc Labonté

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Mark Andre Labonté was born in 1968 in Toronto, Ontario. Marc's paintings are filled with images which reflect his French Canadian summers on the farms, river and woods of his youth. The landscapes are filled with trees and flowers. There are horses roaming outside in the woods. His media of choice are watercolours and conté crayon. The images are poetic, filled with delicate colours and the rhythms of magical places and times. His art work has been part of a number of exhibitions along with fellow Creative Spirit Artists:

• 2014, March 20 - AA Gallery, Tokyo Japan (group exhibition)
• 2013, CSAC May 1 - June 2 - "Big in Japan" (group exhibition)
• 2013 CSAC May 9 - June 26, "23 yrs of Outsider Art, Insider Art & Art Brut!" (group exhibition)
• 2013, April 6 - May 25 - "Going to Japan" (group exhibition)
• 2011, CSAC February 19 - March 26 - "Canadian Art Brut" (group exhibition)
• 2010, CSAC March 6 - 27 - "Brut Force" - An exhibition of Art Brut, Outsider Art & Folk Art (group exhibition)
• 2010, CSAC - "Screen Test" (group exhibition), Toronto
• 2010-2016, CSAC - "Straight from the Heart" (group exhibition), Toronto 

Artwork Top to Bottom: "A Place to Be", A Bird of Prey", "Wild Horses"

Palm trees, pink round flowers, coniferious trees, a dense colourful forest

A Hawk/Eagle landing on the top of a coniferous tree with a wings open, another tall tree beside it that is bare

black and white, charcoal drawing with loose lines, group of horses